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Urine bag 2000 ml Standard

STANDARD urine collection bag, made of PVC.

Bag for hospital medical use and domestic use for patients with urological pathologies or post-operative periods.

Product characteristics

· Made with 90 micron thick PVC sheet.

· 90 cm long transparent finished PVC tube.

· This model does not include VAR (Non-return valve).

· This article does not include a drain valve.

· Connector for universal catheter.

· Presentation in boxes of 250u. for hospital and in cases of 10, 20 or 30 units for pharmacies.

This is a catalog product but at JOLFAMAR we offer the option

to personalize them adapting them to the requirements of our clients.  


These are some aspects that you can change about our bags.



Our urine bags are manufactured with a 90 centimeter long catheter as a standard measure.

However, JOLFAMAR offers the possibility of being able to adjust and customize both the length of the probe and the diameter, adjusting to the specific needs of each client.

References and standard tubes of our bags


HexaTube® _

HexaTube is the latest design launched by JOLFAMAR specifically for use in medical bags.


This type of tube has a hexagonal design that facilitates the passage of fluid through the tube in the event of constriction.  

Our catheters are normally used in bed and leg bags. This means that these products must work in any situation, even in the face of possible strangulation to avoid urine infections or other diseases.  

One of the biggest problems with urine bags for beds and operating rooms is that in a post-operative period or while sleeping, the patient can move from one side of the bed to the other and  strangling the bag catheter without realizing it. 

This can lead to the fluid not circulating well through the tube and accumulating inside the patient, causing a urine infection.  

Our Hexatube tube with its innovative design,  try to avoid this last situation 



We have a wide variety and range of accessories for urine bags. Among them we can highlight the supports  or bag hangers that facilitate its use  on the bed and the straps with cufflinks, a perfect option for the use of leg bags on a daily basis.


Urine Bag Hanger

Ref: FA0007


Leg Bag Straps

Ref: FA0007


Leg Bag Clamp

Ref: FA0007

Drain Valves and Connectors

Discover our range of emptying valves available for all our urine bags. 

Jolfamar offers a fairly wide range with different Push Pull valves and  T Valve. We can also manufacture or adapt to any type of valve that the client needs.


Product Photos

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