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Enema Bags Jolfamar 

Our enema bags are designed and  manufactured in our manufacturing plant in Spain with the best materials and components, making them a top quality disposable product and  reliable before possible leaks.

All our bags pass rigorous quality controls  before, during and after the production process.

 *Products made in SPAIN. They do not contain Phthalates.

What are they and what are they for?

Enema bags or irrigation kits are bags designed for exclusive use for rectal washing. At Jolfamar, we manufacture several types of irrigation systems, among them we can find our enema bag designed for hospital or clinical use and our irrigator system designed for personal use at home.


The JOLFAMAR enema bags   facilitate the previous intestinal cleansing necessary to carry out clinical tests such as a colonoscopy.


Important features of our enema bags

This is not a common product and therefore it is possible that many doubts arise when evaluating our products and knowing what characteristics they have.

tube cavity
Double safety welding
Clamp included with each unit
Ergonomically finished tube

Discover our new 2022 catalog!

Discover our new updated catalog for 2022 with new models of bags and accessories for urine bags.

Urine bags for leg, bed and special for hospital use.

Do you need more info?

get inContactwith our sales team

so that we can advise you on the models and requirements you need.

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