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Jolfamar is a national company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of urine bags, sanitary products and other plastic products.

Our production is specialized in the manufacture of bags for medical use. Among them we can highlight both leg and bed urine bags as well as special bags for pharmacies and hospitals, laboratory bags, vomit bags, enema bags and bags for cold / heat treatment.

We also have other divisions within the company that are focused on manufacturing packaging such as bottle caps, PET preforms, flow pack containers for the food and pharmaceutical industry, and flexographic printing, plastic injection, and PVC pipe extrusion services.

We offer a wide range of

products tailored to your needs!

At Jolfamar we have a professional team with more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture and sale of urine bags and other sanitary materials. A fact that provides excellent quality to all our products thanks to the use of raw materials for their manufacture and the rigorous management and traceability control of each of our products, which are constantly subjected to quality controls until their final stage.

Likewise, we are firmly committed to a magnificent customer service that helps us take care of all aspects related to the shipment of our orders, thus guaranteeing their arrival within 24 hours.  Similarly, we adapt to the requests of our customers and manufacture products for special uses for hospitals and laboratories.

Given that we are immersed in a sector that apparently progresses at a slow pace, at Jolfamar we are committed to constant innovation. For this reason we have an R&D department and we carry out Corporate Responsibility actions together with Ecoembes, thus recycling  all materials used during manufacturing to carry out proper waste management.


Contribute to the health and well-being of people, making excellent quality products available to them that have been duly traced throughout the manufacturing process and subjected to constant quality control processes. As well as guaranteeing the satisfaction of our stakeholders through the correct execution of a good customer service.


To be a reference company in the manufacture of urine bags and medical disposables. Looking for new products and manufacturing methods that allow not only to be ecofriendly and careful with the environment, but also to obtain a quality product that meets the needs of our customers and end consumers.


Quality:  We seek excellence in all our products through the use of virgin materials and the performance of rigorous quality controls from the product development phase to its final stage.

Commitment: The customer is at the center of all our work and we guarantee their satisfaction through a correct ordering and shipping policy.

  We believe in the evolution of our sector and that is why we dedicate efforts to improve the current needs of our stakeholders.

Our services
Servicios inyeccion jolfamar.png

Plastic injection

We have injection machines with which we manufacture pieces of different materials: PVC, ABS, polyethylene, acrylic, polypropylene and polystyrene. We keep the molds in perfect condition thanks to an internal mold maintenance workshop

manipulacion y envasado.png

  Handling and Assembly

Jolfamar has duly cleaned areas specially designed and equipped with the latest technology for the manufacture and assembly of medical and health products. 

Extrusion jolfamar.png


Our extrusion machines manufacture PVC pipes, rigid PVC, polyurethane, polypropylene, pigmented pipes and perform co-extrusions for those pipes with radiopaque band, among other similar ones. Likewise, we have a support workshop to develop any type of required profile. 

sterile eo.png


Jolfamar works with several companies specialized in the sterilization of medical supplies. Thus offering various types of sterilization for our customers. 

hf welding jolfamar.png


We have the latest technology in radiofrequency sealing machines that allow us to make bags with capacities from 50ml to 8L, manufactured in completely hygienic areas. We also develop electrodes on design, which allows us to have bags of any size and in any desired shape. 

produccion especial.png

Special Production

Our vertical integration allows us to support the needs of your company. Thus, developing products specially manufactured according to your requirements.

At Jolfamar we take care of the manufacture of molds for connectors, valves and bags. As well as, the manufacture of pipes adjusted to your needs, designing the product from scratch and providing improvements to those already designed to improve their efficiency.

Know our brands

We operate under two commercial brands, Jolfamar and Aaron. With Jolfamar we focus mainly on the manufacture of urine collection bags for other brands, as well as the manufacture of plastic products and manufacturing services, while with the Aaron brand we managed to expand our scope of action and also cover the pharmaceutical and hospital sectors. . Thus encompassing the main professional sectors associated with Health.

Special Production
Jolfamar diseño autocad.png
Bolsa orina jolfamar push pull.png

Our vertical integration allows us to support the needs of your company. Thus, developing products specially manufactured according to your requirements.

At Jolfamar we take care of the manufacture of molds for injection and high frequency. As well as, the manufacture of pipes adjusted to your needs, designing the product from scratch and providing improvements to those already designed to improve their efficiency. 

Get in touch with our team for detailed information on manufacturing OEM own brand bags.

Manufacturing facilities and technology


We have completely new facilities that exceed all health requirements.

Thanks to our own fully automated manufacturing technology, we meet the requirements of our most demanding customers. Thus offering the best service at the most competitive price in the market.

Likewise, we have workshops for the manufacture and care of molds managed by an expert team of designers. The experience and passion of our extensive professional team ensures the control of humidity and temperature throughout the factory, guaranteeing our public the manufacture of top quality medical devices and a close win-win relationship with our customers. 

moldes inyeccion jolfamar.png
JOLFAMAR ® in numbers

+ 30m

More than 30 million bags manufactured each year at our facilities in Barcelona (Spain)

+ 50

More than 50 machines  operations dedicated to manufacturing in our facilities in Barcelona (Spain)

+ 20

More than 20 direct jobs and 600 indirect jobs

+ 5

Presence in more than 5 countries.

Our certifications

JOLFAMAR  is a company with a manufacturing license issued by the Spanish Ministry of Health and is endorsed by the AEMPS. We comply with all current regulations for manufacturing and marketing  of medical devices 

We also have ISO 9001 certifications and  ISO13485


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