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ECOPACK® _  jolfamar

jolfamar  presents its new range of doypack bags  as a packaging product focused on the packaging of soaps, food and other liquid products. 

We currently have 2 models for this type of product. One without valve and easy opening made of PP and another with drain valve and made of flexible PVC.
How does it work?
Doypack is designed to be used as packaging for soaps, shower gels, industrial soaps, food, beverages, food in general and oils.
Application Industries
This bag has been designed for the following industries:

· Food.
· Chemical industry.
· Medical Industry.
Bolsa doypack jolfamar con valvula de vaciado
Safety cap with hermetic closure.
Bag made of highly shock-resistant flexible PVC 
Reusable bag for soaps and shower gels.
Product customization available.

Advantages of ECOPACK®

The use of this type of packaging in soaps and gels is increasingly an option used by customers.
This is because with DOYPACK we can offer not only eye-catching packaging to the customer with infinite design possibilities. But we also reduce plastic consumption by up to 70% compared to other traditional packaging such as PE (polyethylene) bottles and we can obtain a product that is quick and easy to manufacture in large volumes, which is why we also reduce costs.
· DOYPACK reduces the amount of plastic used in a container up to 70%. This allows us to offer a less polluting product with a circular economy.

· Possibility of manufacturing them in flexible PVC. Material that provides greater flexibility, resistance and appearance of the product.

· We are the only manufacturer in the market that offers this type of flexible PVC bag, both medical and food grade.

· Also available in recycled PVC materials. 

· Packaging suitable for recycling.
bolsa doypack jolfamar con abrefacil de polipropileno

Uses and applications

The most common use for this type of bag is usually for liquid soaps and shower gels. We can also find them in the food sector for juices or smoothies as well as packaging for chemical and industrial products.
Bolsa doy pack multiusos jolfamar
bolsa doypack para jabón de manos JOLFAMAR

available models

Get to know our bag models. These are the basic models of our range. However, Jolfamar makes available to the customer the possibility of being able to manufacture these bags in a personalized way and adapted to their needs.
Bolsa doypack con valvula de vaciado
ECOPACK with drain valve
bolsa doypack con abre facil y sin valvula de vaciado
ECOPACK with easy open


doypack catalogo jolfamar con todos los modelos disponibles y accesorios
Take a look at our catalog for more information and technical specifications.

Do you need more info?

If you liked this product and  You are interested in receiving an economic offer on this article or you would like to know more about Ec opack ®.

Contact us and our sales team will advise you as soon as possible.
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