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ICE-BAG , Bags of ice cubes Jolfamar

Jolfamar launches its new range of bags for ice cubes. These bags are designed and manufactured to be able to make ice cubes at home or other application. 

What are they and what are they for?

ICE BAG bags are plastic bags with cavities that serve to form ice cubes once the bag has been filled and placed in the freezer. 

With this product we can also make granitas, cube-shaped ice cream and ice cubes of soft drinks or flavors.

Unlike the rest of the bags for ice cubes. Our bags are made of food grade PVC. This allows the bag to lose the rigidity that PP provides, to be more manipulable and also cheaper to make due to its great reliability and speed in the production process.

Important features of our bags

Made of flexible food grade PVC.

Pre-marked cube cavities with design to improve bag filling.


Soft and silky touch that allows a quick demoulding of the ice cubes.

Reinforced welding to prevent liquid leaks in the refrigerator

Bag for 24 ice cubes.

Also available in 12 cubes

*This product and its design may be subject to patents and/or intellectual property.

Design your bag, we manufacture it for you.

At Jolfamar we specialize in the manufacture of urine bags with our own brand and for third parties, adapting ourselves to the needs and requirements of each client.


Currently we can manufacture urine bags from 500 ml to 8 liters of capacity.

Send us your design or requirement and we will send you our best offer.


Discover our new 2022 catalog!

Discover our new updated catalog for 2022 with new models of bags and accessories for urine bags.

Urine bags for leg, bed and special for hospital use.

Do you need more info?

get inContactwith our sales team

so that we can advise you on the models and requirements you need.

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