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A planet,
thousand reasons to take care of it.

Discover how we manufacture in a sustainable way for the environment

Discover how we manufacture sustainably

JOLFAMAR is a company committed to the environment.

We are aware that our planet needs a change and our company in recent years has been adopting measures to make our manufacturing sustainable and as least harmful as possible to the planet.


Thanks to our long history in the manufacture of plastic articles, we have been able to gradually adopt different changes in our production process that allow us not only to improve our products and the profitability of our process, but also to adapt it to a current global change such as sustainable manufacturing. . As a manufacturer of plastic items we feel duty bound to carry out this mission. Thus contributing our grain of sand in the improvement of this planet.

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How do we make it possible?

In order to be able to manufacture our products in a sustainable way, we have implemented several changes and improvements not only in our production process but also in our plants and offices.

Incorporation of LED lights in all facilities

Work with marketers that supply electricity from ecological sources such as wind power.

Manufacture of bags and plastic components with updated machinery.
We work with modern machinery that allows the use of servomotors, reducing energy consumption.

Joint work with certified companies in the recycling of various materials.

Design of an efficient production process and a strict protocol. Our production process is automated. In this way, together with a strict manufacturing protocol, we can reduce the production of waste during the production process.
Improving results and minimizing the harmful impact on the environment.

Our production in numbers.

Get to know our company and its production in numbers.

+ 30m

More than 30 million bags manufactured each year at our facilities in Barcelona (Spain)

12 tons

Only 12 tons of waste produced per year thanks to our automatic manufacturing system.

100  %

100% of the waste recycled and. implementation and circular economy. Reducing the negative impact of our production process on the environment.

Meet our partners!

JOLFAMAR  works with several certified companies to deal with the management of waste produced throughout its production process.

These wastes include oils, cardboard and production waste.

Environmental Policy

JOLFAMAR seeks to minimize the adverse effects that its industrial activity can cause on the environment. It has the appropriate knowledge, resources and communications to provide an effective environmental management system.

Our company expresses its commitment and responsibility to the environment throughout the entire course of its production process, guaranteeing and promoting the Circular Economy of our products, through a closed cycle according to the collection protocol that it has established with its clients and thanks to its own crushing line, which allows the recovery of processing waste.

Work is being done on an improvement system to consolidate the following principles:

Develop and maintain an effective environmental management system, including risk assessment, setting annual goals and targets, and evaluating results.

Make efficient use of energy, raw materials, water and packaging, recognizing the importance of working with environmental sustainability in mind.

Comply at least with the general legal requirements and those other specific ones considered necessary for the normal activity in our plants.

Avoid pollution, emissions and waste that may have a harmful environmental impact on the production environment.

Maintain a “good neighbor” principle, minimizing the possible adverse effects of the activity on the surrounding population


Minimize waste in all its forms by recycling or recovering wherever possible, or by ensuring effective treatment and responsible disposal.

future projects

Discover below some of our future projects related to the environment.

For more information or doubts. Get in touch with us.

Solar Project 2022


New project to manufacture with renewable energies.



Reduction of emissions in transport.

discover our project to reduce emissions in transport




Encourage work with partners who share our mission and environmental vision.

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