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Get to know our range of PET caps and preforms

Bottle caps and PET preforms 

JOLFAMAR ® has a manufacturing line focused on closures for the food industry, cosmetics / perfumery, industrial and chemical products. 
We specialize in manufacturing flip top caps.
JOLFAMAR tapón botella plástico agua

Water bottle stopper.
Ref: 0003425

What can we supply?

We can supply caps for both oil bottles and carafes, caps for beverage bottles, Push & Pull caps for soap bottles, caps for
diffuser sprays and caps.

In all these applications, we adjust at all times to the needs of our customers both technically and in terms of quality of raw material, color
and product functionality.

We can also supply push and pull caps, diffusers and parts assembled and ready to be included in your filling or packaging lines.  
We offer capping solutions for:                  

-  Chemical and industrial products. (Oil, alcohol and chemicals)
  - Food. (Drinks, juices and soft drinks)
- Cosmetics and hygiene. 
- Cleaning and home care products. (Detergents and soaps) 

PET preforms 

Jolfamar also has a line for the manufacture of personalized PET preforms adapted to the needs of each client. 
We can manufacture PET preforms with diameters from 28 mm to 38 mm and weighing from 0.3 grams to 485 grams depending on the capacity of the bottle that is later thermoformed by blow molding.

Likewise, we can offer our clients a finish adapted to their needs, whether it is in glass, bluish tones or mono colour.

Manufacture of custom caps

We can manufacture any type of cap to measure.
Flip top caps, screw caps, snap caps and plugs
  special easy open

We specialize in carrying out turnkey projects that range from the design of the part in CAD to the manufacture of prototypes in 3D printers, making molds and the injection molding process. 
With our vertical integration we offer our clients the possibility of not worrying about the production process and obtaining a top quality finished product in a short period of time.
Jolfamar diseño de tapones de plastico flip top caps
Tapón de plastico flip toop cap JOLFAMAR

Discover our catalog

We present our range of caps for bottles and PET preforms. 

Take a look at the cap models that we can manufacture!

Tapón rosca jolfamar
tapon jabon de ducha jolfamar

Do you have questions or need more information?

Contact our sales team to receive personalized advice tailored to your needs.
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