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Plastic extrusion Jolfamar 

Jolfamar has several extrusion lines for PVC and PP at its manufacturing plants in Spain.

We currently have modern and up-to-date machinery for the extrusion of plastics in different sectors, thus being able to adjust to any requirement of our clients, whether in tube diameters, design and/or measurements.

All our extrusion products pass rigorous quality controls  before, during and after the production process.

 *Products made in SPAIN. 


Extrusion consists of making a thermoplastic material pass under the action of pressure through a hole with a more or less complex and continuous shape, in such a way that the material acquires a cross section equal to that of the hole. In the extrusion of thermoplastics, the process is not so simple, since during it, the polymer melts inside a cylinder and is subsequently cooled. This extrusion process is intended to be used for the production of profiles, tubes, plastic films, plastic sheets, etc.

At Jolfamar we currently specialize in the extrusion of pipes for sanitary use, although we can also manufacture rigid PVC pipes, PP pipes and extrusion profiles for frames and doors, windows and baseboards.


HexaTube® is the latest technological and design tube manufactured by JOLFAMAR®.


This tube and its technology allows a better flow in the same space and increases its recovery memory compared to standard tubes.


This tube is specially designed for hospital and surgical use, resulting in perfect performance in these scenarios. This tube design and technology is available in all sizes.


PVC pipe for sanitation

We have a wide range of pipes designed for use in construction.

With the range of recycled products, our aim is to offer our customers a product that maintains good quality but also has an ecologically sustainable origin.
A large percentage of this recycled material comes from the recycling of credit cards and other shredded and recycled materials.

The use of top quality PVC resins gives our tubes great durability over time.

We can adjust to any diameter required by the client as well as adjust the cut to any size.


Discover our new 2022 catalog!

Discover our new updated catalog for 2022 with new models of bags and accessories for urine bags.

Urine bags for leg, bed and special for hospital use.

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