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Jolfamar was born with the idea of manufacturing sanitary products of excellent quality to be distributed throughout the peninsula. We mainly specialize in 100% urine bags made in Spain.
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All our products are manufactured by our professional team with high quality raw materials. At the same time, they undergo rigorous quality controls not only during their design phase, but also during their manufacturing phase.
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We care about the needs of our customers. For that reason, we carry out a good logistics to ensure that all our orders arrive at their destination when needed.
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"At Jolfamar we offer high quality healthcare products made in Spain."
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Jolfamar is mainly oriented to the manufacture of urine bags for third brands. It has a unique product offering, focused exclusively on urine bags manufactured in Spain of excellent quality that manage to adapt to the current needs of hospitals and other medical centers to preserve the good health of their patients.


Aaron expands its offer to reach not only hospitals, but also the pharmaceutical sector. It has a wide range of medical products and disposables, ranging from the manufacture of urine bags to other medical materials that advocate for excellent quality material in hospitals, pharmacies and other health centers.

Our Products

We are a company formally registered and endorsed by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Sanitary Products (AEMPS). For this reason, all our products are properly labeled with the CE Marking of conformity and comply with the current regulations on the manufacture and marketing of medical devices.

In Jolfamar we have a wide range of medical products and medical materials that correspond to the different categories and classes of sanitary products (Class I and Class IIa) established by AEMPS