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Urine Bags

For those who have urinary incontinence or have recently undergone a surgery, the use of a urine collector is a convenient, practical and hygienic solution for the patient.

The urine bag collects the liquid secreted by the patient through a tube to relieve urinary retention. When it reaches its maximum capacity, it must be emptied to ensure the hygiene of the patient and thus prevent possible urinary infections.

There are different types of urine bags, among which we find the urine bag for bed, which is attached to one side of the bed and the urine bag for leg, which is attached to the patient's thigh to facilitate mobility.

Likewise, using a urine collector facilitates the control of diuresis for healthcare professionals. Hospital urine bags are made with transparent sheets to allow a better quantification and assessment of the amount of urine secreted by the patient in a period of time.

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