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“We are very serious when it is about planet earth”.

Waste Ad Jolfamar 2019-02-23 Corporate news

JOLFAMAR® has been a reliable medical disposable bag manufacturer form many global brands for quite some time know.

We are committed with our manufacturing process in order to make a good & reliable product for our customers. Our goal is to give them not only a great product in quality but also in price and manufacturing time.

As manufacturers, we understand how important is to reduce our waste in order to avoid polluting our planet and the pressure that relies on us to do so.

“We are very serious when it is about planet earth”.

We have to look after our planet and for that reason JOLFAMAR®  runs its own manufacturing technology  and planning which allows us to produce in a more ecofriendly way.

100% of the waste produced by our factories is recycled so other companies and markets can reuse the material to make other goods.

Our R&D department constantly looks after new materials which are less and ways of manufacturing which can reduce power consumption and waste. 

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