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JOLFAMAR X MEDICA Düsseldorf 2018


We return back home happy and eager to continue growing by your side!

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This past month of November, Jolfamar has once again been present at the MEDICA Düsseldorf fair (Germany) as an exhibitor.

Medica is a strategic meeting point between distributors and manufacturers of the healthcare market worldwide. This edition has allowed us to continue growing  abroad and grow as a factory not only in Europe but also in the international arena.

"Our number one goal is to position ourselves as a factory offering OEM services for all those distributors that need it, offering a good and reliable product"

With this past edition, Jolfamar has been able to continue increasing its client base not only in Spain, Europe and E.E.U.U, but also in other emerging markets focused on the hospital sector such as Latin America and North Africa.

Undoubtedly, this edition has far exceeded all the objectives set and, we hope to continue growing as before.

We thank you all for coming by and visit and we hope to see you again next year!


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