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Hospital bed bags.

Jolfamar has special urine bags with different capacities (2000ml, 4000ml and 5000ml) focused for hospital use.

Hospital urine bags include a non-return valve (VAR) reducing the chances of contracting an infection as it improves the bag hygiene, drain "T" valve with safety lock to facilitate emptying the contents and prevent unwanted leakage and, a special 8.8 mm tube with sample port connector and clamp..

Jolfamar is a manufacturer of urine bags. Our urine bags are designed and manufactured in Spain with the best materials and components, making them a first-class, reliable disposable product. All our bags undergo rigorous quality controls before, during and after the production process. The special urine bags for hospitals have transparent sheets that improve the visibility and measurement of the content, facilitating their control as well as greater resistance to ensure a good functioning of the bags.

Product manufactured in SPAIN.

Bolsas Orina Hospitlales