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750ml urine bag with NRV, Outlet drain valve and Nonwoven. Tube of 46cm.

750mL urine collection leg bag with non-return valve (NRV), outlet drain valve and NONWOVEN fabric.

This bag model incorporates a non-return valve preventing the return of urine back to the patient. NRV reduces the chances of getting an infection as it improves the bags hygiene.

This bag incorporates outlet drain valve with safety lock to facilitate emptying the contents and avoid unwanted leaks.

Made with NON WOVEN fabric to offer greater comfort and bacterial protection.

Available with 2 tube lengths, 46cm and 55cm. 6.3mm Diameter

Jolfamar is a manufacturer of urine bags. Our urine bags are designed and manufactured in Spain with the best materials and components, making them a first-class reliable disposable product. All our bags undergo rigorous quality controls before, during and after the production process.

Product manufactured in SPAIN. Does not contain Phthalates

Capacity 750ml
Sterilization This product is not sterile as standard. Jolfamar offers a sterilization service for each customer.
Manufacturing Manufactured in Spain (EU)
Material PVC
Size Tube of 46 cm
Normative Manufactured according to DE 93 / 42 CEE
Use Unrine drain bags
Reference Units / box
010117 300 u.
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Valves and tubes for urine bags

tubos bolsas de orina

We have tubes and connectors of different sizes.

Its flexibility and long or short length allows to respond to the needs and requirements of the patient based on  use and placement.

Measurements of tubes:

  • Length: from 10 cm to 130 cm.
  • Diameters: On request
Tubos Valvulas Bolsas Orina
Valves & Connectors

Our urine bags can be manufactured with different types of valves and connectors:

Non-return valves (NRV) prevent urine reflux to ensure patient hygiene and reduce the chances of contracting infections.

Jolfamar offers a wide range of valves and connectors with the aim of offering the customer a customized manufacturing service tailored to their needs.

User´s Manual

Ico Manual Bolsas De Orina

How to use a leg urine bag?

Ico Manual Colector De Orina